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Editorial Decadent autumn

Although the wedding season is getting longer every year, the summer months and soft pastel colors are still the most popular for engaged couples. The season of autumn, reveling in all colors and fruits, is rather neglected, so we decided to show future brides what can be created by combining the extravagant richness of nature’s colors with contrasting black and gold. Don’t worry, with the right amount of darker shades and bolder decorative elements, you can create a completely unique wedding style!
The basis for the grand entrance for the wedding ceremony was two trees, which we decorated with exuberant fabric in the colors of our concept and supplemented with other themed accessories and rich flowers. The wedding board was also marked by contrasts. Light elegance is combined with earthy natural elements, the rich color palette of autumn shades with the austerity of black and gold. To lighten the whole style, we chose transparent chairs. All other details, such as prints, napkins or pralines, easily complete the overall style.
We planned the wedding bouquet with a wide open weave full of various types of flowers, because this style of bouquets has been a hit in recent years. We deliberately used lesser-known and all the more interesting types of flowers and let the bouquet delight the breadth.
We also conceived the sweet bar as a corner overflowing with the richness of autumn fruits and playing with all colors. This time of year directly encourages the use of fruit, which is why we have included it in abundance. Instead of one wedding cake, we chose three small cakes in different designs, which underlined the variety of autumn. In addition to them, the sweet bar features chocolate Cakesicles and light mini Pavlovas. In this case, we adapted the popular Cakepops slightly to men’s style (they are decorated with funny mustaches) and became part of the men’s corner. In addition to the inherent good drink and cigars, we embellished it with other decorations that made this corner a cozy place inviting to sit, as well as an interesting space for a non-traditional photo shoot of the wedding couple.
We chose two different dresses for the bride. Whites with a huge skirt again create the much-desired contrast, while dark ones underline the style of our concept.

We have cooperated with:

Photo: Romana Ella Plaček – @Romanaellaplacek
Flowers and accessories: Blooming – @blooming.cz
Hair and makeup: Olga Kaliapina – @Kaliomakeup
Decorations: Frezia Fleur – @Freziafleur
Zapůjčení doplňků: Svatební krámek – @Svatebnikramek
Inventory: Maxiumum Services – @Maximumservices

Chocolate: La Vie Chocolat – @Laviechocolatjakubvoboril
Svítící písmena – @Sviticipismena
Wedding attire: Svatební centrum Adina – @Svatebni.centrum.adina
Cake and sweet bar: Delucake – @delucakeprague
Stationary: Nashe grafika – @graphicnashe